Our promotion is over!

Order Taxi now so you can avoid waiting until the taxi arrives. And now you can win if you order from us!

Every 50th preorder is rewarded with an EFOTT festival card!

You can win 5000Ft value EFOTT festival card, if you pre-order a taxi. You can use the card on the festival area.
Limited offer! The promotion available at jun 15 or until cancellation!

If you win, you will get the code from the taxi driver. And you can take the card to the EFOTT cashier

Please provide an exact address! Otherwise, the price calculation may be incorrect. The exact address of EFOTT Festival: Velence, Evezős út 1.
Changing the standby time is also possible after ordering.(send an email for us)
If you do not request the pre-ordered taxi, please notify us immediately.

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